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Utilities for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Airports Shuttle

FS Earth acts as an interface between Flight Simulator 2004 and Google Earth, letting to follow a flight in real time, over the satellite images generated by Google Earth. Many options are available to change the map's style (zoom, tilt, orientation). May work on a single computer running FS2004 and Google Earth all together, or, for even better experience, on two networked PCs.

Wideview can be used to create virtual cockpits with panoramic scenery view, through multiple monitor support on networked PCs. There is no limit on how many PCs can be linked together, and each of them can be configured to show scenery, maps or Spot Plane & Tower view. View angles and zoom factors can be easily customized, to get perfectly matching images between the monitors.

FS SmartVIEW modifies the behaviour of mouse's wheel & buttons, adding support for intelligent and easier view rotation and zoom. Change your eye point, fine tuning the angle and looking towards any direction, in just seconds, through natural movements of the mouse or by user's defined keys. Make a pre-flight external inspection by turning around the aircraft and zooming in/out quickly.

Key2Mouse can be used to command through keyboard, instruments and gauges working only with mouse. A user's friendly interface, integrated into Flight Simulator, is used to define the screen's location for mouse action simulation, as well as to associate the relative keystroke. Excellent for users of external hardware panels, to program custom button and switches, as required for own aircraft.

Key2LAN is similar to Key2Mouse, but works throughout your network. It sends keyboard-based commands, from a master PC to the slaves, where a user's defined mouse action is executed. Useful to command gauges, instruments and other add-ons working on networked PCs, from the master PC's keyboard. Excellent also for cockpit builders, to program buttons and switches on external hardware.

QuickGOTO keeps a database of the most frequently used departure locations (gates, parkings or runways), so it will be no longer necessary to search for the airport through Flight Simulator Airport/Facilities directory and to "Slew" the aircraft to the correct departure point each time: just select the desired location from QuickGOTO and the airplane will be instantly moved there by the software.

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